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Foot & Ankle Specialists deal regularly with ankle sprains and foot swelling. Whether you’ve had an accident on the job, playing sports or in your home, we can properly assess your sprain to determine its exact nature. Let our podiatrists in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas provide you with the necessary support when it comes to sprains and foot care.

Sports can take a heavy toll on your feet. If you run regularly it’s important to consider the proper footwear and insoles, if you play tennis quick movements can create unwanted stress. In any case, getting the proper knowledge to attain your peak performance is what we can help you with. When it comes to sports foot care, we have an experienced team to get you feeling your best again. Call our podiatrists in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas today!


Sports medicine


Fungal toenails

Due to moisture, a lack of exposure to sunlight and genetics, fungal toe nails are an all-too-often occurrence for both men and women. We can help you explore several options when it comes to ridding your toe nails of discoloration and coarseness, you’ll feel less self conscious and have healthier, stronger nails. Schedule an appointment with our podiatrists in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas to learn more about our foot care services today.