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Healthy feet can lead to an enhanced sense of well-being, improved happiness and a longer life. At Foot & Ankle Specialists, we provide a place where you can get the best possible care in the case of a specific ailment. Our Podiatry team prizes confidentiality, thoroughness and drawing on their significant knowledge and experience to quickly and correctly diagnose and treat you. Call us to make an appointment to see one of our friendly doctors today.



The podiatrists and staff at Foot and Ankle Specialists take your privacy extremely seriously. We treat all information with the utmost respect, and keep all your details entirely secure. To help protect you, we do not supply test results over the phone. While this may be inconvenient in some cases, it is a policy that protects your confidential information.

The doctors at our medical center are great with children, adults, and the elderly. We are perfectly positioned to be your podiatric team in Cincinnati. From the youngest family members to the eldest, we offer the best of care, thoughtful treatment and attentive ears so we can provide you with the best treatments possible.


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You know your body better than anyone else. When something is wrong, you’re the first to know. At our Blue Ash podiatric care center, our podiatrists listen carefully to exactly what you’re saying, and gently ask all the questions required. With your information, we gather all the evidence we need to make a firm diagnosis and devise an effective treatment plan.